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Requiem for the Unborn-Album

In order to produce the Requiem for the Unborn Album and offer net profits to our partnering pro-life organization, ProLove Ministries, we need your help!  For only a $25 donation* to the project, you help make this album possible. As a bonus, we will also send you a digital copy of the choral score!

At the album's release (slated for January 2024^) you will receive a download link in your email for the music and you will help to further the reach of the pro-life movement! 

Thank you for your support of our mission!
*includes processing fees.  Your donation is made directly to The C Major Project, a not for profit corporation.  
^May be delayed until we have raised enough to cover production costs.  If enough funds are not raised in a reasonable amount of time,, we will still share part of the proceeds of the money raised with our partnering pro-life organization, however, the album will not be available and money raised will help further other music endeavors of The C Major Project.


*Please note that after production costs are met, our partnering pro-life organization will receive around 95% of our net-profits!

Thanks for submitting!

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