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  • What exactly is a music commission?
    A music commission is when a composer gets hired to write a new specific piece of music for a specific ensemble to perform or in honor of a significant person or event. Often, ensembles will have new music commissioned to commemorate anniversaries, a director’s retirement after years of service, or even simply to kick-off a new concert season. The options are endless!
  • How much do new music commissions cost?
    The cost of a new commission can vary greatly depending on the composer, the length and difficulty of the music, and the performing forces (solo with piano or full orchestra, for example). Composers should be paid a fair and just wage for their time and artistic craft. Shorter pieces may only cost several hundred dollars, but extensive works cand head into the tens of thousands of dollars.
  • How does The C Major Project handle commissions differently?
    We work with each partnering organization to help them ‘crowdfund’ through our various channels and their supporters and friends. The commissioned work comes at NO COST to the commissioning organization. Plus, our ‘commission fees’ are a percentage of the money raised and the rest is donated right back to the organization itself, or an approved non-profit of choice.
  • Who do you partner with?
    We partner really with anyone or organization who wants to support the Music Arts and help create new music. Examples are school and church choirs, bands, or orchestras; community ensembles; Individual recital musicians, especially perhaps college music students preparing for senior recitals.
  • Where do donations go?
    If the partnering ensemble or organization is a nonprofit, funds can go directly back to them or another approved nonprofit of choice. Individuals or for profit organizations can choose an approved nonprofit as the beneficiary of donations raised.
  • How are your projects organized?
    Each project will be given its own campaign page hosted on our website which can be shared through our channels and your channels. We need your help in getting the word out to your patrons and supporters and their family and friends to support YOUR project of commissioning a new piece of music! The campaign will run for 30 days at an agreed upon start time. We collect the donations on your behalf, and cover all the bank fees, credit card fees etc. There is ZERO cost to you! Once the campaign is concluded, funds will be disbursed to the beneficiary and the composer will begin working on the new music. Depending on the scope of the music, this process can take several months. We recommend starting a partnership 6-8 months BEFORE the premiere (if it is for a specific date).
  • Who is the composer?
    Currently we have one composer, our founder and executive director, Chris Bearer. He has undergrad and graduate degrees in music and has worked as a church choir director and organist for over 20 years. He has several commissioned and published works and wants to continue to write more while giving back to the Music Arts Community which is why he and his wife started this organization! As we continue to grow, we have plans to partner with other composers who might also be interested in this model.
  • How do the performers receive the music when completed?
    All necessary parts of the music will be given as a downloadable pdf. The original ensemble can print as many copies as needed per the license of the commission. The pdf should not be shared with other performing ensembles.
  • What are some of your current and past projects?
    We have partnered with St. Thomas More Catholic School, Frassati Catholic High School, ProLove Ministries, Students for Life of America, The Legion of Mary, an organ student at the University of St. Thomas, and even a newly married couple who wanted a new song for their wedding! These projects have ranged from short 2-3 minute works to extended multi-movement works for choir and orchestra. We have raised nearly $10k in our first 8 months of forming.
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