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Legion of Mary


Help support this project!

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A new piece has just been completed for the annual ACIES Mass for the Legion of Mary in Houston.  You can find out more about the Legion of Mary here. The date of the premiere is March, 23, 2024. 

The piece uses a Spanish text, 
the Catena Legionis.

¿Quién es Esta que va subiendo cual aurora naciente, bella como la luna, brillante como el sol, terrible como un ejército formado en batalla?

Please consider supporting this effort with a contribution to our organization. 
Your donation not only helps us create
more new music to share,
but also benefits The Legion of Mary directly. 

The C Major Project also hopes to be able to provide some of the professional musicians for the Mass,
at no cost to the Legion.
Thank you for your support!

Help support this project!

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