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Commissioning a New Musical Work

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Unique Fundraising Solution

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Let us help you raise money for your church, school or community music organization. 

You raise the funds AND you get a new piece of music for your ensemble to premiere that can be tailored to your performance needs. 

Let your parishioners, boosters, friends, and patrons help support your organization!

  • You commission a new musical work for your ensemble to premiere AND have the potential to earn extra funds for your organization!

  • You raise at least $250 to cover the commission fee and administrative costs.  We host the campaign and handle the finances. You pay nothing out of pocket.  All you have to do is send your patrons to your unique fundraising page so they can contribute to your campaign!

  • Anything you raise over $250, you earn back an 80% grant for your organization.  Raise $2,500+ and the commission fee is waived!

  • We work with the director on specifics and then compose a brand new original piece of music for your ensemble to premiere.

  • The title dedication line on the score will read:

  • Plan for about 3-6 months from the end of the campaign to the completion of the work.  The grant will be paid out immediately at the conclusion of the campaign. Campaigns will run for fifteen days.

  • Plus, you continue to earn a royalty on sales of your commissioned piece!

Commissioned by the (supporters/etc.) of (name of organization) for (specific occasion or memorial).

Commission Form

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