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C Major Project

for the advancement of composed music

Carolina Bowman, principal of St. Thomas More Catholic School,

in reference to Magnificat.

"It has truly been a delight to work with such a dedicated, talented and passionate have a gift and I am personally blessed for having been able to experience a little bit of what you do."
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What We Do

The C Major Project partners with church, school, and community music ensembles or other charitable organizations to create new commissioned works of music and we also give back financial support directly to those organizations to further their mission.  We are a 501c3 organization.

Check out our full range of services below!


Music Ensemble

Grant Commission

Your supporters donate to your unique piece of music and you earn back fundraising dollars and have a new work commissioned for your ensemble to premiere!


 Live/Silent Auction

Grant Commission

Consider a unique auction item for your fundraising banquet or gala!  The high bidder gets to commission a new work of music!


Charitable Organization Grant Commission

As a musician, you can commission and then perform a work on behalf of a charitable organization of your choosing. 


Consider donating to one or more of our partnering organizations!

Or make a general donation to The C Major Project.


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